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Information Security

Teichos Consulting provide a full range of information security services tailored to your specific business goals and operating environment.


Whether you're organization is newly formed or  simply realizes it's time to formalize your corporate security policy, Teichos Consulting professionals will apply their 30+ years of combined experience to develop effective, written security policies tailored to your specific business needs.  We will also assist your organization in developing necessaray procedures to implement those policies.


Teichos Consulting provides security assessment services to assess the security posture of your organization by assessing the adequacy of policies and procedures as well as operational and technical security controls. Our vulnerability management team will provide technical vulnerability assessments, tailored to your organization's specific operating environment.


Teichos Consulting will combine its Policy and Assessment services along with additional security services in direct support of compliance requirements, whether it be HIPAA, FISMA, or PCI.  Our compliance specialists will engage your organization to provide tailored consulting and services.  Teichos Consulting is prepared to provide services in an a la carte fashion or a complete set of services and solutions to meet your continuous compliance requirements.