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Policy Development

Whether you are a new busness or seeking to formalize your security policies and procedures, our professionals will apply their 30+ years combined experience to develop effective, written security policies tailored to your specific needs.

We can augment existing staff or provide complete policy development services to ensure all necessary policy documents are in place.  Teichos Consulting will coordinate closely with business managers to ensure developed policies are consistent with business goals.

After policies have been documented and approved, Teichos Consulting takes the next step by assisting with policy implementation through well-defined procedures and training your personnel to follow them.

Gap Analysis

For organizations subject to compliance requirements, Teichos Consulting will review existing policies and procedures to identify areas where additional support is needed.

Our team of professionals, through active participation in the finance, healthcare, and government industries, have extensive experience in requirements for PCI, SAS70, SOC I-III, FISCAM, HIPAA, and FISMA compliance.

In addition to identifying potential areas of concern, we will also work with you to provide a mitigation plan to ensure your next audit is smooth and painless.



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